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CWCS Math Club

CWCS Math Club/Math Team

Calling all Math Students in PreAlgebra through Calculus…

Do you enjoy math and like a challenge?

If so, consider joining the CWCS Math Club.  Our club will meet once a month online through Google Classroom/Google Meet.  We will work on interesting and challenging math problems and puzzles together, learn about famous mathematicians, as well as prepare for math competitions.

Each spring, CWCS takes a team of students to a math competition in Stanislaus County.  It is a fun and challenging event as well as an opportunity to earn ribbons and trophies and let your math skills shine! The event is for students taking courses in PreAlgebra through Calculus.  This event will be TBD this year due to COVID-19.

Our first online meeting is Friday, September 25, 12:00 - 1:00 pm.  To attend, use your school email address to enroll in the CWCS Math Club Google Classroom with code 5gehcmz and then follow the link to the online meeting via Google Meet.

For more information contact Mindy Gray, CWCS Math Specialist,