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Approved Online and Distance Learning Vendors for a-g and AP Courses

The following UC/CSU approved online vendors provide courses that CWCS will count as a-g or AP (Advanced Placement).  Only these courses can be used for  a-g and AP credit, if you have a question about a specific vendor or course, please contact Mary Halter .  Please be aware that each semester Final Exam must be proctored.   Details for each vendor are provided at the bottom of this document.  Students taking online courses must follow the online vendor’s policy regarding test proctoring, communication with the instructor, turning in assignments, etc…  The grade assigned by the online vendor is final.

Note: if you have a student athlete, please consult with Mary Halter as NCAA will not take courses from BYU or Apex CTV and may not take other online courses.

Here are the approved online vendors for a-g and AP courses with the links to their UC lists

  1. Apex Learning
    1. ALVS - uses their teacher, about $300 per course per semester
    2. CTV - non teacher led, general courses only, not for a-g credit,  $250 unlimited course access for school year, grades 6 through 12
  2. BYU
    1. must be teacher led, $263 per course per semester
  3. National University Virtual High School (must choose the part time enrollment option, cannot enroll in the full time diploma program
    1. teacher led, a-g courses are $310 per course per semester and AP courses are $395 per course per semester
  4. UC Scout
    1. teacher led, $399 per course per semester
  5. K12, Inc - they have teacher led courses now, Lisa Dallimore is our contact if you have questions
    1. teacher led, ranges from $425 to $525 per course per semester


Note: ES’s must document the course in SIS with the appropriate teacher name, ie, “Teacher led, Apex ALVS”, “Teacher led, UC Scout”, “Teacher led, NUVHS”, etc… and the student must request an official grade report.  The ES will assign an “IP” grade until the grade report is received.   Always check with Guidance to make sure the course can be counted for a-g credit.